Soap, handcrafted with love.

Soap, handcrafted with love.

Essential oils, botanical colors, real oats, cocoa, molasses & honey, it's the little things...

Natural Colors & Fragrances

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Skin Pampering Additives

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Goat's Milk & Glycerin

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Natural Colors & Fragrances

Essential Oils & Vegetal Pigments

We have quite a broad range of fragrances now, and more to come: mint, vanilla, orange, pine, apple, lemon, peach, rose, lavender, jasmine, lemongrass, sandalwood, cedarwood, coffee, chamomile and more.

If you have a particular scent in mind and you don't see it listed, ask us about it.

It is quite likely we already have it in stock and will be able to accommodate your preference.

Most of our soaps are colored with turmeric powder, cocoa and molasses, to benefit your skin while they look pretty.

Skin Pampering Additives

Chamomile, Oats, Molasses & Honey

All additives with the exception of vanilla, green color and mica finish are natural emollients, spices and plant extracts. The colors are plant based and minimally processed, so color variations will sometimes occur.

Lovingly crafted to include real oats, real cinnamon, real cloves, real chamomile, real honey

the list goes on, the ingredients vary, but the result is always pampered indulgence.

Mix together lemon, orange, honey and cinnamon and you get aromatherapy. Add to this glycerin soap and lanolin and you get one of our wonderful products.

Goat's Milk & Glycerin Bases

And other ingredients your skin will love, like Lanolin, Brown Sugar & Honey

Our soaps are wonderfully softening and conditioning due to the addition of lanolin. The rich lather pampers while it cleans and the honey and brown sugar gently exfoliate and help restore the complexion's natural pH balance.

The chocolate mints smell like mint candy, the gingerbread soap like ginger snaps and the spiced peach pie like, well, you get the idea

Sometimes I can't figure out whether I'm making soaps or running a bakery.

We use glycerin and goat's milk because we want to create soaps that we love to use ourselves.

Custom Orders
Every soap is made by hand and can be customized to incorporate your favorite fragrance, shape or color.
Bells and Whistles
Special items are available during the holidays, so do come back, you'll find hearts, stars, hard candy, Christmas trees, even a gingerbread person or two.

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